Our 2021/2022 Initiative


Our 2021/2022 Initiative

SEI has set out its 2021 & 2022 initiative and commitment to supporting those that the system has left behind remains constant. These individuals are hit harder when times get difficult and they are the first to face unemployment and the ramifications that come with as a result. The sheer operation of SEI is a direct effort to bridge the gap between marginalized individuals and future opportunities.
With millions of jobs have been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SEI’s mission is to greatly reduce this number by providing equal and quality employment opportunities for those who need it most. With continued growth promised from within, this initiative will ultimately lead to a stronger and more motivated workforce beyond.
SEI is dedicated to improving the economic security and prosperity of our communities – in all corners of the employment sector. We understand that this success only comes when built properly from the ground up and need a program that ensures that this mandate is employed from entry level right up to the executive level. All throughout, SEI prioritizes continual growing and learning so that they will end up in leadership roles and decision-making positions. The more we support these marginalized groups with equality in the workforce, the more we believe is possible. SEI believes that this success can ultimately be the success for all these marginalized groups in the workforce.

SEI's 2021-22 Initiative

SEI’s New Initiative is set out to: